# Outdoor? 與戶外人士相處會很有趣,也很有收穫。 以下是與熱愛戶外活動的人建立穩固關係的一些技巧: 1. 對自己的愛好表現出興趣:戶外人士通常對自己的愛好充滿熱情,無論是遠足、露營、攀岩還是其他。 花時間聽聽他們的故事,並就他們的經歷提出問題。 這表明您對他們的生活和他們喜歡做的事情感興趣。 2. 和他們一起參加戶外活動:如果你對戶外活動感興趣但沒有太多經驗,可以讓你的戶外朋友帶你一起去遠足或露營。 一起參加活動是建立聯繫和學習新技能的好方法。 3. 思想開放:與喜歡室內活動的人相比,喜歡戶外活動的人往往擁有不同的生活方式和世界觀。 對他們的選擇和信仰保持開放和不帶偏見的態度。 4. 尊重他們的知識和經驗:戶外人士往往對環境和他們參與的活動有很多知識和經驗。尊重他們的專長並向他們學習。 5. 做好準備:如果你打算和你的朋友一起去戶外探險,一定要帶上合適的裝備和衣服。 戶外活動的人重視準備,沒有準備會給所有參與者帶來壓力和不適。 通過表現出興趣、參與活動、思想開放、尊重知識和經驗並做好準備,您可以與戶外人士建立牢固而愉快的關係。 Getting along with outdoor people can be a lot of fun and rewarding. Here are some tips for building strong relationships with people who love the outdoors: 1. Show interest in their hobbies: Outdoor people are often passionate about their hobbies, whether it's hiking, camping, rock climbing, or something else. Take the time to listen to their stories and ask questions about their experiences. This shows that you are interested in their lives and what they enjoy doing. 2. Participate in outdoor activities with them: If you're interested in the outdoors but don't have much experience, ask your outdoor friend to take you along on a hike or camping trip. Participating in activities together is a great way to bond and learn new skills. 3. Be open-minded: Outdoor people tend to have a different lifestyle and worldview than those who prefer indoor activities. Be open-minded and non-judgmental about their choices and beliefs. 4. Respect their knowledge and experience: Outdoor people often have a lot of knowledge and experience about the environment and the activities they participate in. Respect their expertise and learn from them. 5. Be prepared: If you're planning to go on an outdoor adventure with your friend, be sure to bring appropriate gear and clothing. Outdoor people value preparedness, and being unprepared can cause stress and discomfort for everyone involved. By showing interest, participating in activities, being open-minded, respecting knowledge and experience, and being prepared, you can build strong and enjoyable relationships with outdoor people. [outdoor.flyism.org](http://outdoor.flyism.org/) [https://g0v.hackmd.io/@flyo/outdoor](https://g0v.hackmd.io/@flyo/outdoor) [https://g0v-tw.slack.com/archives/C057A248599](https://g0v-tw.slack.com/archives/C057A248599)